Won-Buddhism of Richmond

With this Great Opening of Material, let there be a Great Opening of Spirit.

Weekly Schedule

Live Streaming Won Buddihsm Service for English (Active online)

Because of Covid19. In Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 AM. We are doing service by online streaming in North Carolina. Click "More Information" below for the live stream.


  • Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 11am, Online

Free Online Classes

Due to precautions with COVID-19, we are transitioning to online teaching. Please view some of these videos we have created for you to take Tai Chi online! We hope you enjoy.

Seated Tai Chi for Beginners | Tai Chi 10 Form Upper Body Movements | Easy At Home Practice

Sit on chair or sofa to follow the 10 sequence to memorize upper body only. Later on we can combine together. Let's start little by little and we'll continue to upload.

Learn Tai Chi Ten Form / Postures 1,2 and 3. Beginners

This video offers STEP BY STEP instruction for Postures 1, 2, and 3. Each posture is broken into its upper body and lower body components.

7 Minute Tai Chi Warmup | Improve Joint Mobility, Flexibility with Tai Chi for Longevity and Health

Prior to start any Tai-Chi you should always do the warming up exercise. Usually it takes at least 20 minute to do warming up, so please do at least once before you start Tai-Chi. We will continue to show you Tai-Chi from the basic. See you at next one!

Tai Chi 10 Form Step by Step/ Posture 7,8,9 and 10

Let's become a Tai Chi Lover! Learn step by step to promote health and wellness during this difficult time. You'll be thrilled when you complete the 10 postures. Gentle instruction suitable for everyone. Try practice one posture every week and if you can put these 10 postures together you are in the world of Tai Chi. Congratulations!!

Learn Tai Chi 10 form Posture 4,5 and 6

This video offers Step by Step instruction for Posture 4,5 and 6. Each posture is broken into its upper body and lower body components. Learning Sequences is very important and slow movement leads to balance body and mind in harmony.

16 Form Yang Style Tai Chi - repeats twice

Feel the soft snowy clear Energy and let all the stress melt away. 16 Form uses all the steps that we learned in the 8 or 10 Form. It is a simple mindfulness and advanced cultivation of Qi. Location at Won Buddhism of Richmond Virginia Temple. Presented by Buddhist priest Rev. Kea-sung Kim.

Tai Chi 10 Form Full Version | Yang Style | Beginners Form, Learn Tai Chi at Home

Beautiful back yard scene creates healing energy, may we use this time to look deeply within and reaching out with hearts of loving care.

Try build up Chi little by little #1

Flex your body and mind putting 5 minute daily. Chi exercise is different from regular exercise. Try feel the Chi in your palm while you doing it.

The Eight Brocades are one of the most popular forms of Qi gong.

The Brocades are broken down into eight separate sections. Each focusing on an different physical area and Qi meridian. The first eight minutes are a step-by-step explanation of how to do the Brocades. A fifteen minute demonstration follows.

5 minute Qi exercise

Make sure feet stable on the floor whole time. It circulates your energy and blood flows through.

There are no fees for our programs, however, the temple is fully self-supporting and any level of donations are much appreciated!

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About Our Temple

Welcome to the Won Buddhism Temple of Richmond. Won Buddhism of Richmond has served since 1999, as a spiritual home for Richmond. It is a place of peace and restoration, and a place to learn and practice Won Buddhism and meditation. We welcome everyone who wants to cultivate inner peace, joy and wisdom.

No experience is necessary. There are no fees for our programs, however, the temple is fully self-supporting and any level of donations are much appreciated. Please join us!

About Won-Buddhism

Won-Buddhism, a reformed and modernized Buddhism, teaches us how to use our minds. To use the mind well, we should first know what the mind is like and how it works. Based on that understanding, we should cultivate and use it skillfully in everyday situations.

The name Won-Buddhism (Won-Bul-Kyo in Korean) is a compound word for truth, enlightenment, and teaching. Won means circle and symbolizes the ultimate truth. Bul means enlightenment, and Kyo means teaching the truth. Therefore, Won-Buddhism is the path that leads us to become enlightened to the truth.

Won-Buddhism is a religion that teaches us how to use our minds. Our lives and this world are the manifestations of our minds, so the knowledge of how to use our minds is fundamental and the key to leading happy and successful lives.

abundance of life flowering from the il-won-sang